Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So ... You Have a Turbo !

In today's automobiles often it isn't enough anymore to just have a vehicle that will break the 30 mpg barrier but it also must be an impressive performer. To keep up with public demand and to satisfy both requirements manufacturers are producing more turbo charged engines then ever before. These little beauties are a marvel when rolled off of the showroom floor and properly maintained they do for the most part have a reliable record. Last post I covered what happens when you don't service your engine regularly. This as an extension to that post relates that information to where we are headed in this industry. Much more common is it today to have the manufacturers recommendations on engine oil to be a fully synthetic oil. and at times if not it may effect your warranty. What you need to know is... What are your specific vehicles requirements? Now for the most part I agree oil is oil unless it requires synthetic. They do this to try and protect the harsh environment that turbo and supercharged engines are subject to. Standard oil will break down under the higher loads and greater temperatures that the greater horsepower brings to the engine. An old racer adage is that horsepower is heat, meaning the better it goes the more damage it is capable of to the engines internals. So you have a turbo charged or supercharged engine? Make certain you feed her the right oil. Next .... what happens when you don't !

This little demonstration clip is from a little Audi that had too little too late. Too much time between changes run the oil too low and damage results. If this were to happen to you please don't continue driving, please... even though it does still run, if you can call it that. The damaged turbo bearings cause the remaining oil in the crankcase to pour into the engines exhaust where it caused an additional $1000 damage in the exhaust system damaging catalytic converters and sensors. In the video clip you can hear the noisy bearings. We couldn't run it long, didn't want to smoke out the shop too much and didn't want to add any more oil to the already damaged exhaust.

The ONE quart of oil drained from the engine when it came in.



The videos and pictures speak for themselves. The oil on the floor in the picture to the left is after 40 seconds of run time needed to evaluate the rest of the engine for possible damage. Needless to say there aren't any mosquito's around our shop today. Anyway the engine in this case lived to see another day but most assuredly worse for wear. Final note: Turbocharged engines require more attention to maintenance then the average vehicle. If you tend to be just a wee bit late for service I would recommend you consider a different engine option.

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