Sunday, April 15, 2012


by GPS Auto Solutions

It has occurred to me that in today's society not everyone can appreciate the abuse their car's engine is faced with. Owners that neglect regular service to save a buck however still get to pay me, their auto technician, later. As many consumers race from here or there, to little Johnny's baseball game or Suzie's ballet, the family vehicle often takes a beating. What most people don't understand is while today's vehicles have been built much more reliably and typically survive longer then days of old, their sophistication requires more attention to service detail. Manufacturers are requiring better quality fluids at regular intervals. Gone are the days of the 350 engine with 12,000 miles on it since the last oil change with just a few quarts added in along the way. Try that with today's vehicle and you will be spending many thousands of dollars on a new engine. The oil screens in the car's oil pan clog up with crud and starve the power plant of its life blood. Oil lights come on and yet the driver pushes it to the next appointment somewhere. Engine failure results, often seen after only 70,000 or 80,000 miles and customers don't understand why. We are asked often in this field why engine failure happens at such low mileage and the answer is still the same old truth: pay me a little now to take care of your car or an ever increasing amount of a LOT later. In short, please take care of your engine.

Below are pictures from an oil screen in an engine with just 77,000 miles. The car's engine had no oil pressure and would not have lived much longer. The first picture is of the dirty oil pick-up. The second photo was taken after the engine oil pick up was removed and cleaned. Notice the difference? Your engine certainly does.

In the next Auto Maintenance 101 post look for a video of what happens when a turbo charged engine is subjected to this type of engine abuse. In the meantime visit us at for more information about caring for your car. You can also give our service writer Adam a call at (209)329-7995 to book your next appointment so this doesn't happen to you.

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